Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Finally Made It Out!

So today not only is my official last day of school for the entire semester, but also sadly the end of my wonderful and wild digital illustration class. =( I did learn a lot like I expected in the beginning of the semester. Most of the tools I learned in Illustrator and Photoshop were totally badass! I was hoping to learn more, but I've spent a fun-worthy semester experimenting em all through Christian's demos, and yes... I guess I can call myself a certified PHOTOSHOP ADDICT! XD I sure would love to take the digital illustration C class and wanted to next semester, but it couldn't fit with my schedule, so I guess more self-teaching then of Photoshop for me to see how much more I can learn after going through a whole lot in my digital illustration B class with Christian.

I'll still be bloggin even after the semester has finished, so I'ma be postin up some more of my crazy ass artworks whenever I feel the need to. Once I make more friends in the future esp OL, I'll have em look over my works when they wanna. Blogger's pretty much my home too like PEx, so I'll be stickin around here when I can esp over the holiday break. More artworks to come. ;] Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Red Ghostly Hood

So this is my final project, as you can see that I'm doing Little Red Riding Hood. I did want to change it a bit, so instead of having the little red hooded girl present, I decided to make her a ghostly figure (making her opaque). I like the composition myself in terms of the obvious foreground, middleground, and background, but I don't know about you guys. Hope you like the whole design I made here.

The mini sketch
The colored version
In krrraaazy 3D!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Portrait of the DAY!!

Yeah, the lucky man of the Lakers saved the day against the Clips!
Way to go, FISH!!!!!!!!!

Killing Sum Tiiiiiiiiime.....................

So I'm here sittin in the library waiting for my ride, so I just decided to have a lil more fun w/ the landscape activity I did in my digital illustration class last Thursday. Just practicin with dem new tools I learned from last lecture. All about fun fun fun! Roarin dinos all the way baby!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Funky Fone... unfinished

I'm just gonna post this for now. It's my ultimate purple n gold (Laker haha) funky phone I've created.

Eh... not too great yet, but once I continue revising it, it will look totally RAAAD AWESOME, YO! Promise! ;]

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finalized New Yorker Cover

Yeah... here it is.

Summo Filter Jammin' ^_^

 Hehe... just some more practice with Photoshop filters, this time using a photo (of that very special someone of mine  ^_^)

The original

Beautiful in bluuuuuueeeee ♥_

The aqua girl, perhaps... hehe ^_^

pretty damn ghostly...

whoaaa... she's an aqua goddess here! lol

...transformed back into her own self! XD

she got a twin... deep on the dark side... heh

The Internet Cookie Monster Editorial Project - Value & Color Studies

Sorry for the very late posts, but here they are and hope you enjoy them.

thumbnail color studies (3 x 4)

thumbnail value studies (3 x 4)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seen in the Rain

Eye see you through the rain. Heh

Candle and Fruit Value Studies

All I could say is... I tried hard... tis all, peeps.

Contest Almost At Loss

Gosh I feel like everyone's so lazy to check Blogger. Well, as of these past two weeks I'm still around in the 1100's, so therefore I feel like I'm already gonna lose the contest on total viewpages. I know for a fact Alex is gonna win, so let him. Oh wellz gotta get back to project 3. My mind's all relaxed now esp after the Laker loss. Payce all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Walking" to Fame

Haha... I've never really had any of my projects sit on the display case in CSUF until this one, the opener spread that I did for the walking article in my Graphic Design B class. I'm pretty happy it made it there, as it sits there so proudly as this toots the horn for why I officially declared this graphic design field as my major. Well there ya go... I'm getting some solid impressive answers and in just one year, I'ma be walking my way outta here with a BFA in my hand to show how much I adore this subject. Payce yo!

Since the opener made it to the display case, why not post it here too? Heh. Enjoy, foos!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Project 3 Editorial Thumbnails - DELAYED POST!

Sorry for the very late post of my thumbnails for this recent project. Here ya go.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Good Ol' Practice on FILTER JAMMIN'

Dang meyn. Photoshop's becoming more fun each day and I'm lovin' every darn minute of its new techniques!! And yes... why wouldn't filters be involved? =D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Familiar Mean Eye...

Yeh, ye be'r rec'gnize me... cuz if ye don't, i'ma ask ya ta "get off my lawn!"

c/o Jeff Agans, "Drawing Clint Eastwood"

Monday, November 8, 2010


Goddam Illustrator! This freakin program is giving me a big headache just cuz it takes me like about 15 - 20 presses for it to load!! WTF????????????????????? How the heck do I prevent this problem??? Someone help!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Number 1000!!

Yay! I finally reached the 1000 mark on my pageviews! Hahahahaha... just felt like sharing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last for the Day

Last post for the day. These 3 are my collage paintings with roller coaster ink laid on top of each collage by permanent marker. This was done in my Drawing-Painting (Art 307A) class back in the Spring semester of 2009.

First Made Magazine

My first magazine cover creation and done last year in Illustrator. She's so cute isn't she? Hehe ^_^

Listening to "Painting Flowers" - All Time Low

Some Beginner Practice with Graphic Design LOL

Uh huh... another Erich fanart. It was created last year and was also done in Paint Shop Pro that time, NOT Photoshop. My friend liked this one a lot and I feel it's one of my best. Enjoy!

Listening to "Josey" - Hey Monday

Best songs so far by Hey Monday:
- How You Love Me Now
- Run, Don't Walk
- Arizona
- Hurricane Streets

An Abstract Letter Collage

This was something I did for fun... as a means of applying my good ol Typography A skills. I used Illustrator at the time, and I was only a beginner that time. I self-learned the knife tool and used it on this creation mainly to cut off whatever was left on the sides of each box haha. The scissors tool is tough to use, so I preferred the knife since it was a lil easier to use. Created last year on May 5, 2009.

What do you think the letters here are trying to read?

Listening to: "Hurricane Streets" & "Arizona" - Hey Monday
Damn these songs are AWESOME!!! Makes me wanna go far out at the mountains again!! Yeehaw!!

Rock Band Erich Fanart

Hehe... don't tell me I'm already becoming a total blogger addict now lol. I'm posting very often in here. Haaay... makes me miss Pex. =( I'll make my visit again by Thanksgiving break.

No, this wasn't done in Photoshop, instead from Paint Shop Pro. I created this two years ago, having not experienced Photoshop at all that time XD. But yeah... one of my best outside school works.

Listening to: "Run, Don't Walk" - Hey Monday
Good song too! =D

More Spheres

Yeah, I'll just post the rest of my spheres that I worked on in class last Thursday before I leave for the day.

The blurry version
Listening to: "Obvious" - Hey Monday

This one showed a lot more improvement as I have progressed.
Listening to: "Turn the Clock" - Hey Monday

More like a monster ball here hehehe...

Some cloudy effect with the brush...

Could've looked better, but I'm already satisfied enough with this result.
Lakers won btw 124 - 105. 4 - 0 BABY!!! We unbeatable!! Sarah, I know you're watching too, and you must be very happy! Someday I will see that beautiful smile on your face when I see you in person for the first time. I love you everyday... I miss seeing your face on TV now that "Idol" has finished. =( Hope you're okay...

Listening to: "Set Off" - Hey Monday

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ball-a-rific Nature, Baby!

Just feel like posting one of my best six spheres I've done in class yesterday. This brush stroke must be pretty damn awesome I tell ya!

Planning to watch "Casper A Spirited Beginning" in a lil bit. Halloween around the corner meyn!! Ish all good in da hood!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Krazy Keyboard Art!!

Surprised much??? Yeah you bet... lol

Nooo I did not do this keyboard. A fellow pexmate of mine from this one pinoy forum actually created it and said he spent two hours on it. I saw he posted it in the Ericholics thread last summer and boy I was impressed. I oughta give him a lotta credit for this even though I'm a lil jealous *peace* lol. It's okay... I will do something similar to that when I get the chance. I love her too ya know... mweheheheheheheheheh

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Face, One Set of Facial Styles

Part of my very first tryout of Photoshop, as I've learned back in my Graphic Design A class. =)

Inking Thumbnail Interests

These are my comps (as done in marker on 14 x 17 drawing paper) for my Typography A class I took last year in the spring (my first semester in CSUF that is).

It's a shame I haven't done any Sarah Geronimo thumbnails for that 10 or 15-letter project (I deserve myself a smack on the head for that >=( lolz jk), but I am currently working on those since last summer. When I get the chance, I'll post em here soon. I'll also post the finalized inkings of ERICH GONZALES and SARAH GERONIMO... dunno when tho... lol.

Showin Em OFF! ;]

Yeah... since I already posted the cover sheet as part of my 6 best artworks earlier in the beginning of this semester, I decided to post the rest of the entire Lakers schedule as I've redesigned in Photoshop long ago back in the summer. =D Yes, my top three celeb idols are indicated on each page as a special decoration of the schedule, and don't ask why. I'm that much a show off and quite an obsessed freak! XD Joke! Haha

Listening to "Ring Dinge Ding" by DJ Splash. Listening to techno and other dance at night makes me feel so relaxed as though I'm really out there.

If any of you Laker fans from my class are interested in printing out a copy of each of these pages, feel free to do so LOL.

Bonus Posting!! Lmao XD

Since I finished my second project early tonight (before 10), I get to post some of my random outside school works as a bonus!! =D Lmao... I must be THAT corny!

Listening to "Surrender Your Techno" in Youtube.

This is a doodle sketch of a made-up roller coaster I did during lecture of my Life Drawing (Art 217) class last year. It sat on the back of my lecture notes about drawing torsos I think lol.

Early Finish!! Yeehaw!!

Here is my finalized version of my comic strip gag, all done roun the 9 o' clock mark BABY!! Now I'm not needing to sleep @ 1:30 am AGAIN for the third consecutive night! So happy! =D

Time to watch "Magkaribal!" Gonna watch yesterday's episode. PAYCE!!