Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ball-a-rific Nature, Baby!

Just feel like posting one of my best six spheres I've done in class yesterday. This brush stroke must be pretty damn awesome I tell ya!

Planning to watch "Casper A Spirited Beginning" in a lil bit. Halloween around the corner meyn!! Ish all good in da hood!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Krazy Keyboard Art!!

Surprised much??? Yeah you bet... lol

Nooo I did not do this keyboard. A fellow pexmate of mine from this one pinoy forum actually created it and said he spent two hours on it. I saw he posted it in the Ericholics thread last summer and boy I was impressed. I oughta give him a lotta credit for this even though I'm a lil jealous *peace* lol. It's okay... I will do something similar to that when I get the chance. I love her too ya know... mweheheheheheheheheh

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Face, One Set of Facial Styles

Part of my very first tryout of Photoshop, as I've learned back in my Graphic Design A class. =)

Inking Thumbnail Interests

These are my comps (as done in marker on 14 x 17 drawing paper) for my Typography A class I took last year in the spring (my first semester in CSUF that is).

It's a shame I haven't done any Sarah Geronimo thumbnails for that 10 or 15-letter project (I deserve myself a smack on the head for that >=( lolz jk), but I am currently working on those since last summer. When I get the chance, I'll post em here soon. I'll also post the finalized inkings of ERICH GONZALES and SARAH GERONIMO... dunno when tho... lol.

Showin Em OFF! ;]

Yeah... since I already posted the cover sheet as part of my 6 best artworks earlier in the beginning of this semester, I decided to post the rest of the entire Lakers schedule as I've redesigned in Photoshop long ago back in the summer. =D Yes, my top three celeb idols are indicated on each page as a special decoration of the schedule, and don't ask why. I'm that much a show off and quite an obsessed freak! XD Joke! Haha

Listening to "Ring Dinge Ding" by DJ Splash. Listening to techno and other dance at night makes me feel so relaxed as though I'm really out there.

If any of you Laker fans from my class are interested in printing out a copy of each of these pages, feel free to do so LOL.

Bonus Posting!! Lmao XD

Since I finished my second project early tonight (before 10), I get to post some of my random outside school works as a bonus!! =D Lmao... I must be THAT corny!

Listening to "Surrender Your Techno" in Youtube.

This is a doodle sketch of a made-up roller coaster I did during lecture of my Life Drawing (Art 217) class last year. It sat on the back of my lecture notes about drawing torsos I think lol.

Early Finish!! Yeehaw!!

Here is my finalized version of my comic strip gag, all done roun the 9 o' clock mark BABY!! Now I'm not needing to sleep @ 1:30 am AGAIN for the third consecutive night! So happy! =D

Time to watch "Magkaribal!" Gonna watch yesterday's episode. PAYCE!!

The Rest of My Eye Paints

Yes, I TOLD myself I'd finish these before my second class... well just BARELY lol... here are the rest and hope you like em. PAYCE!

Going to watercolor class now. Lates!

The Second Eye out of Five

My second created eye as done for the JC Leyendecker style. Gonna finish the rest at lunch. PAYCE!!

Today is a beautiful day =) despite the aggressive winds.

First Eye of Five

Here's the first eye I made out of the 5 so far for this week.

Damn I need to stop sleeping at 1:30am I swear!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Random ANGRY Thoughts!

I'm having some Photoshop issues lately... the all-that-simple copying-pasting images from Illustrator to that program ain't working for me. I dunno why... and I'm so frustrated I don't even know how I can fix it! I tried getting out of PS then going back in, but somehow it still appears to be that way! Somebody help me!! I need to know why this is happening to me! I just hate sometimes when weird things happen in PS... even in Illustrator sometimes! Uggh this is KILLING me!!! >=(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photoshop Demo Practice Number ONE!

As much as I can say, I've definitely learned a lot today in Photoshop in terms of the brush usage. Pretty damn awesome techniques don't ya think? Meeeyn, I oughta make another one of these winter landscapes so I'll upload a much neater one next time, but I like this. Cool, eh?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Shoe-Tying Tutorial Exercise

Welcome to the shoe tutorial for those of you who don't know at all about shoe tying (only for ppl w/o brains... jk! lol =P).

Take a look at these awesome shoes! If you guys are willing to learn the cool way about tying your shoes, this will definitely help ya out. Study em carefully and you will eventually become the ultimate shoe-tying EXPERTS! Promise me... this is worth a tutorial. ;]

copyright © 2010 by Jeleno Castro. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Take a look at my wiiiiiide open eye... you may think i look either shocked, surprised, or just greatly worried. Take your best guess at it, but this is how my eye looks. Take a look at me now, will ya?

Copyright © 2010 by Jeleno Castro. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monster Mesh!

Yeah, some more in-class demo practices as shown here. Doin the monster mesh, baby!! More practice works arriving soon. =D

my very own illustrator-made monster,
made last August. =)
a less literal approach of the poster
another graphic design attempt

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another In Class Demo - Incoming Wacoms!!!!

Just a practice on using the wacom tablet. I'll make it better when I get the chance. =)

Oh yes this will officially be my Valentine card cover when I see her... for the first time that is. hahahahahaha XD

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did I Punch the Lines????? =/

Here they are, my three best process selections done in 3 panels each. Sorry for the late post.

Eye M Krraaaazzzyy!!!

From top to bottom: liquid type, pattern, technical.