Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Showin Em OFF! ;]

Yeah... since I already posted the cover sheet as part of my 6 best artworks earlier in the beginning of this semester, I decided to post the rest of the entire Lakers schedule as I've redesigned in Photoshop long ago back in the summer. =D Yes, my top three celeb idols are indicated on each page as a special decoration of the schedule, and don't ask why. I'm that much a show off and quite an obsessed freak! XD Joke! Haha

Listening to "Ring Dinge Ding" by DJ Splash. Listening to techno and other dance at night makes me feel so relaxed as though I'm really out there.

If any of you Laker fans from my class are interested in printing out a copy of each of these pages, feel free to do so LOL.

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