Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Finally Made It Out!

So today not only is my official last day of school for the entire semester, but also sadly the end of my wonderful and wild digital illustration class. =( I did learn a lot like I expected in the beginning of the semester. Most of the tools I learned in Illustrator and Photoshop were totally badass! I was hoping to learn more, but I've spent a fun-worthy semester experimenting em all through Christian's demos, and yes... I guess I can call myself a certified PHOTOSHOP ADDICT! XD I sure would love to take the digital illustration C class and wanted to next semester, but it couldn't fit with my schedule, so I guess more self-teaching then of Photoshop for me to see how much more I can learn after going through a whole lot in my digital illustration B class with Christian.

I'll still be bloggin even after the semester has finished, so I'ma be postin up some more of my crazy ass artworks whenever I feel the need to. Once I make more friends in the future esp OL, I'll have em look over my works when they wanna. Blogger's pretty much my home too like PEx, so I'll be stickin around here when I can esp over the holiday break. More artworks to come. ;] Stay tuned!

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