Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Spheres

Yeah, I'll just post the rest of my spheres that I worked on in class last Thursday before I leave for the day.

The blurry version
Listening to: "Obvious" - Hey Monday

This one showed a lot more improvement as I have progressed.
Listening to: "Turn the Clock" - Hey Monday

More like a monster ball here hehehe...

Some cloudy effect with the brush...

Could've looked better, but I'm already satisfied enough with this result.
Lakers won btw 124 - 105. 4 - 0 BABY!!! We unbeatable!! Sarah, I know you're watching too, and you must be very happy! Someday I will see that beautiful smile on your face when I see you in person for the first time. I love you everyday... I miss seeing your face on TV now that "Idol" has finished. =( Hope you're okay...

Listening to: "Set Off" - Hey Monday

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